Advice required on structuring a complex SPA

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Advice required on structuring a complex SPA

Post by Weave » Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:38 pm

I'm planning to use Metro UI to write quite a complex single page application and I'd like some advice on how to structure it. I want it to resemble a desktop application so I will be making use of <div class="window">...</div> for application windows.

Should I create all of the windows in index.html upfront and set them as hidden or do I create them as fragments of html in separate files and use jquery to retrieve them and inject them into the DOM as and when required?

If the user closes a <div class="window">...</div> is it, all its child elements and event listeners automatically removed from the DOM?

Although I have a lot of experience with desktop apps I'm quite a newbie at web stuff (esp. front ends) so any top tips you guys have of how you breakdown the html and js I'd be grateful for.


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