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Lists use doubt and proposal

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:17 pm
by chongzia
I was busy for a while, but I just went online recently.
Sorry, the suggestions for frameworks have troubled you.
In the future, I will come to the forum for such suggestions.

What I want to say is that I hope the author is not too busy.
It should be that plug-ins are better than too many other UI frameworks, very rich and diverse.

It is only my personal opinion that the framework should enter a stable period of time, not to add new functions to the framework, but to repair the framework and improve the documentation.

Existing functions should be enhanced, optimized and streamlined, and so on. Suggestions based on this idea are put forward.
Because the existing framework is somewhat unbalanced and a little imprecise, the GitHub proposal is also the reason.
There not other aspects of meaning, just hope that the author do better, do more relaxed.

After the Chinese New Year, if myhave enough funds, i will be offered some funds to support you again for a period of time.
My investment direction, I hope to use for the author's document enhancement and improvement, and with more examples of development, no other requirements.

When using Lists,the intuitive feeling is,the author wants to rely on ul and li tags,solve multiple data display in a small area,As well as Solve mobile terminal device page data display.
It should be a standardized solution for data display within the framework proposed by the author.

But because lists are the same as tables,
They all belong to the content closest to the user's display requirements and operational requirements.
The key requirement for tables is operation
The key requirement for lists is display
But the display data same as the operation,there are too many problems to consider.
If the author is willing to continue to standardize the content of the framework structure,some enhancements to the list display data are expected.
such as Insert and delete and insert and delete animation effects or random Display of Lists
For example, the number of pictures displayed in the control list should not exceed three.
1 2 3 pictures should have different styles in real time to avoid the monotony of the page list.
And so on

Or cancel the list component. because Its user behavior is too much.
There are too many things to consider for a complete solution

Users'display needs can be categorized, but using a list, the writing is too complicated.
It's much simple to make plug-ins separately after categorization.

Re: Lists use doubt and proposal

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 4:03 pm
by olton
Oh, thanks. After the new year, version 4.3.0 will be released. The main change in which will be the rejection of jQuery. After this new in 4.3 will not be added. This version will be stabilized. Only fixes will be added. I really hope that everyone who promised support for the project will do this in the new year, and I will be able to focus on improving the existing code and documentation.

Re: Lists use doubt and proposal

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2018 4:07 pm
by olton
To abandon jquery, I have already started developing my own lightweight abstraction for DOM manipulations.